Actress Lisa Riley considers IVF after 12 stone weight loss

Former Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley has revealed she is considering IVF treatment after losing 12 stone and having excess skin removed

The 42-year-old had until recently been content to live a life without children, but since losing the weight and finding love things have changed.

She said in  recent interview with The Mirror, that one of the first questions she asked when at an appointment to discuss surgery to remove her excess skin was whether she would still be able to have children.

“Why did I ask that question?,” she says “I actually shocked myself.”

Lisa had been adamant that she would not bring a child into the world due to her being obese, having an unhealthy diet and being a smoker.

But now that she has shed the weight, given up drinking and smoking, and leads a healthy lifestyle, she says her opinion has changed.

She also worried that losing her beloved mother Cath at such a young age could mean she passes the gene to her own children.

Lisa, who is in a happy relationship with a man called Al, said she has been given a new lease of life and now plans to live it to the fullest.

She said: “Possibly I’dd have IVF, yes. But several very dear friends spent thousands and thousands on IVF and it didn’t work. The second they took the foot off the gas, they got pregnant naturally.”

But she says she won’t put herself under too much pressure.

“If (pregnancy) happens it will be sent from my mum and I believe that completely.”

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