Survey: How should your fertility data be used?

The University of Oxford is conducting a study looking at how people decide to allow their personal data to be used to research

The Taking Part study is looking for people who have received or are having fertility treatment to take part in the survey.

If you have been a patient at a fertility clinic in England, you will have likely completed a number of consent forms.

One of these is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association(HFEA) ‘Consent for Disclosure’ form (sometimes called HFEA ‘CD’ forms), which asks if you will allow your data to be used for research.

About half of patients who have fertility treatment in the UK agree to sharing their personal data for research.

The study would like to know more about what people are told and how they decide.

If you have filled in these forms, researchers would like you to complete a short, anonymous survey (just five questions) and tell them about your experiences and thoughts on sharing your personal data for research.

They particularly want to hear from people who ticked ‘no’ to sharing data for research.

You can find the survey here

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