Shortage of donor eggs in China following relaxation of one-child policy

China is facing a growing shortage of donor eggs for couples hoping to conceive

Chinese media is reporting that the shortage is due to the country relaxing its one-child only policy in 2016 and the rush for couples to conceive a second child.

According to reports, the waiting list for IVF treatment has now reached ten years, with many infertile couples turning to foreign clinics for help.

The wait has also lead to a boom in the underground market and clinicians are concerned about the lengths couples may go to start a family.

According to one report in Chinese newspaper, Nandu Daily, a 17-year-old girl almost died after selling 21 of her eggs in 2016.

Social media and online medical forums are said to have become inundated with requests for help due to the long waiting time.

A doctor from the Reproductive and Genetic Center of the Central Hospital of Xiangtan, Hunan Province, Jiang Yunshan, told the Global Times that the long waiting period for IVF with donor’s eggs was due to fewer qualified donors.

Jiang said: “Donors have to meet many requirements on health, age and height.”

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