GOOD TO KNOW Celebs wear pineapple pins to let women going through fertility treatment know that they’re ‘not alone’

by Eleanor Jones

Pineapple pins have become a symbol worn by women who are going through fertility treatment.

The original idea was the brainchild of online magazine IVF Babble, who sell the £4.99 badges through their online stores to help their readers identify others who are going through a similar experience.

‘Whether you have been through fertility issues yourself or if you know others who are struggling now, or in the past, to see others wearing the pin will highlight “we are not alone” and that “we are stronger together”,’ they explain on their website.

‘With every sale, profits will be donated to the wonderful Fertility Network.’

The idea has since been adopted by hundreds of women, who are proudly wearing posting pictures with their pineapple pins to highlight the cause.

Several celeb mums have already jumped on board to show their support for the concept – author Izzy Judd, the wife of McBusted drummer Harry, uploaded an image of herself with a badge applauding the sentiment, calling the pins ‘wonderful’.

‘The amount of times I sat in silence feeling desperately alone during our fertility struggles, often wondering who around me might be suffering too,’ the now mum-of-two, who has been open on many occasions about her battle to conceive, admitted.

‘I often wondered why I never spoke to the same lonely girl sat next to me in the waiting room at our IVF clinic, I so wish I had!’

‘Surely this powerful badge can help us to all feel stronger together and maybe even allow us to start a conversation ?’ she wrote.

Ferne Cotton has also shown her support for the campaign by wearing a pin, saying: ‘I’m wearing this pineapple pin to show my strength, love and support for those whose lives have been touched by fertility struggles.’

Fellow TV presenter Kate Thornton echoed these sentiments in her own post, where she wrote: ‘Proudly wearing this pin to show love and support for those who’ve been touched by fertility struggles’.

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