COSMOPOLITAN The important reason women are wearing pineapple pins

Fearne Cotton and Izzy Judd have posted photos of themselves wearing the badge.
The important reason women are wearing pineapple.
By Charlotte Davey

The past week has seen numerous women on Instagram (and in real life – can you believe it?) wearing pin badges with two smiling pineapples. And it’s all for a great cause. The initiative, backed by influential figures including Fearne Cotton, Kate Thornton, and Izzy Judd, is to support IVF awareness as part of their #ivfstrongertogether campaign.

The organisation which launched the campaign, IVF Babble, hopes that if women share photographs of themselves wearing their pins with the hashtag #ivfstrongertogether, women will realise they are not alone in their IVF struggle. The badges are designed to create a feeling of community among those struggling with the solitude of infertility – and we’re here for it.

What IVF really feels like
Earlier this week, McFly’s drummer Harry Judd appeared on Loose Women to discuss the fertility trouble he and his wife, Izzy, experienced. Izzy Judd then shared her pineapple in selfie on Instagram with a touching statement:

“Couldn’t feel prouder than to be wearing this very special pin to show my strength, love and support for those who’s [sic] lives have been touched by fertility struggles.

“The amount of times I sat in silence feeling desperately alone during our fertility struggles, often wondering who around me might be suffering too. I often wondered why I never spoke to the same lonely girl sat next to me in the waiting room at our IVF clinic, I so wish I had!

“How wonderful would it be to see others wearing the same badge and to realise that so many people are touched by infertility. Surely this powerful badge can help us to all feel stronger together and maybe even allow us to start a conversation.”

IVF Babble hope that the badges will act as a conversation starter to encourage people to talk openly about their experiences with infertility. They can also be worn by those who have supported friends or family through fertility struggles.

Fearne Cotton showed her solidarity for those struggling with fertility issues by sharing a photograph of herself wearing the pineapple pin on Instagram, with the caption: “My wonderful friend Sara has started up a game changing initiative! I’m wearing this pineapple pin to show my strength, love and support for those whose lives have been touched by fertility struggles.”

The campaign has proved hugely successful, and the pineapple pins sold out within three days of launching. If you want to support the campaign, badges can now be pre-ordered on Amazon UK.

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