Australian woman chooses IVF over partner

An Australian woman has revealed she left her partner to pursue IVF treatment after he revealed he did not want children

Jasmine Richwol, 35, had been with her partner for seven years before it came to light that he did not want children.

She made the difficult decision to leave him and consider IVF treatment as her desire to have children was strong.

This is a dilemma that many women in their mid-to-late 30’s are facing, so to reach as many women as she could, she made a film, IVF vs The One.

The short film documents her thoughts on the decision to possibly become a single mother via IVF, with her family giving their opinions.

The film has caused some controversy in Australia, which Jasmine feels is a good thing, as it promotes debate on a very hot topic.

She says at the beginning of the film: “What scares me most is doing nothing, just waiting for change, not taking any action. It’s really hard to see people moving forward with their lives and I felt like I was standing still.

“The fear of not going ahead with this is scarier than the actual process itself.”

In the film, she chats with her family about her decision and even though they tell her they will support her, they advise her to think very carefully about her future.

Jasmine talks candidly about not wanting to have to go out on dates and have to go through the whole small talk and back and forth that comes with dating.

A male family member tells her sister and mother that she would have to find out very quickly if that man wants to have children and that could be too much for someone so early into dating.

Jasmine said: “I don’t want to miss out on being a mum. Being a single mum will definitely be a challenge, I do not deny that…I can only try to give myself the best opportunity and every shot of being a good mum.”

Are you over 35 and feel like you are running out of time to become a mother? Would you or have you taken the same action as Jasmine? Let us know your thoughts, email





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