Surrogate mother gives birth to twins – but one baby is biologically hers

A woman from California has spoken of her battle to have her biological child returned to her after having ‘twins’ as a surrogate mother

The 31-year-old woman, known as Jessica, entered into a contractual agreement with a Chinese couple to become their surrogate mother, in which she was paid $30,000.

In April 201 the mother-of-two had a male embryo implanted and within weeks discovered she was pregnant.

But it wasn’t until she had a scan that they discovered she was expecting twins.

She told The New York Post: “Not once did the medical staff provided by the agency say that the babies were in separate sacs. As far as we were concerned, the transferred embryo had split in two and twins were identical.”

The twins were born by C-Section and Jessica said she did not get the chance to see them before they were whisked away – which upset her hugely.

A few days later that the Chinese mother showed her a photograph via a social media app, at which time the woman expressed her first concern that one of the children did not look of Asian origin.

Jessica said that the babies had DNA tests carried out a week or so later and to her shock it was unveiled that she was the biological mother of one of them.

Although extremely rare, the medical term for the phenomenon is superfetation, in which a woman who is carrying a child can get pregnant simultaneously as a second egg can be released a few weeks into pregnancy.

She discovered from her surrogacy agency that someone who worked there was caring for her child as the Chinese family did not wish to have anything to do with him.

They also wanted compensation, but Jessica and her partner, now husband, Wardell, had spent some of the money.

Jessica said: “We’d already spent most of the money we earned from the surrogacy contract, but now we were apparently on the hook for thousands of dollars.

“But our first priority was getting back Max. To my disgust, a caseworker from the agency lined up parents to adopt him and “absorb” the money we owed the Lius. Or, if that didn’t work out, the Lius were thinking of putting Max up for adoption, as they were still his legal parents.

“I told the agency in no uncertain terms, “We want our son,” but we would still be responsible for the bill if we kept him.”

The couple had an uphill battle to get their son returned to them, but about a month later, and $3,000 on attorneys, Jessica met her son, who they named Malachi, for the first time.

A deal has been negotiated and all parties are now said to be satisfied with the outcome.

Malachi is now ten months old and is doing well.

Jessica concluded: “I don’t regret becoming a surrogate mom because that would mean regretting my son. I just hope other women considering surrogacy can learn from my story. And that a greater good will come out of this nightmare.”


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