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IVFbabble is proud to be associated with First Egg Bank, a trusted European egg donor bank. They provide IVF clinics and patients with frozen donor eggs, sperm samples and embryos, shipping them to all corners of the world.

If you’re thinking of IVF treatment at a clinic in Eastern Europe, USA or Canada, have you thought about how the precious and expensive eggs, sperm or fertilised embryos will reach the clinic safely from Europe? If  It’s not as simple as calling your local courier company. You need a specialist cryoshipping company.

First Egg Bank Courier Service provides safe and reliable shipping frozen donor eggs (oocytes), sperm samples, embryos, as well as laboratory specimens, blood transport, medical records or documents. Our services are available both for IVF patients (egg donation or surrogacy cycles) and for the IVF clinics. Transportation of the shipper is performed with a constant control in the cabin of the plain as hand luggage.

Cryoshipments Geography

First Egg Bank Courier Service cover 5 continents: Europe, Australia, USA, Africa, Asia.

They have already performed more than 500 successful shipments to Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Italy, Canada, USA, South Africa, Latin America and other countries.

Why use First Egg Bank Courier Service?

  • 10 years of cryoshipment experience;
  • Transported materials are not exposed to X-rays.
  • Carry-on baggage transportation;
  • Temperature-sensitive control;
  • Full compliance with IATA standards;
  • Latest approved dry shippers
  • 24/7 support
  • Team of professional IVF couriers

How safe is the shipping process?

First Egg Bank is strict when it comes to how biomaterials are transported and this includes the following:

  1. Donor eggs are shipped in special containers and, because of their sensitivity to temperature changes and movement, are transported with extreme care;
  2. Biomaterials are maintained at the optimum temperature of -196 C from one clinic to another;
  3. First Egg Bank makes sure that no biomaterials are exposed to X-rays when examined by customs as this may result in degenerative changes of the gametes or embryos and provoke DNA changes and genetic mutations. 

First Egg Bank would be honoured to offer their help and support to any who are in need, through land, air and water. They are dedicated to overcoming distance to carry life, keeping something so precious safe and understanding your feelings throughout.

For more information on First Egg Bank’s Courier Service, go to www. or fill in the Contact form to order a cryoshipment.

Telephone.: +322 808 23 05


First Egg Bank Courier Service – Because We Care


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