Couple Facing Seventh IVF Attempt Share Their Journey on YouTube Video-blog

Political news correspondent Lewis Vaughan Jones and his journalist/presenter wife Hannah have shared their IVF experience through a series of video-blogs on YouTube.

Helping to raise awareness of infertility issues and the treatment processes involved, the well-known couple publicly discuss their journey with viewers. With six failed IVF attempts already, the pair who married in 2015 are very open during their video posts about their struggles – both physically and psychologically – with cycle number seven.

During the recordings, viewers witness Hannah’s rigorous regime of daily hormone and steroid injections, along with the unpleasant side effects and endless appointments to attend. With seventeen eggs being retrieved in this latest cycle, an impressive 50% were successfully fertilised. Two healthy embryos are then implanted, leaving the couple to anxiously await an outcome.

Although Hannah has worked hard to follow all medical guidelines and maintain a healthy lifestyle, she is reluctant to feel excited because of the six failed attempts she has already gone through.

Both Lewis and Hannah are now 36 years old and are aware that their chances of success is only 27%. This figure will rapidly reduce as time passes, plummeting to less than 2% once they reach their forties. If their seventh attempt to conceive using IVF fails, the likeable newsreaders will consider using a surrogate or adopting a child.

With only the first cycle funded by the NHS, Mr and Mrs Vaughan Jones have been forced to spend over £40,000 for the rest of their treatments. They acknowledge that the process has been very draining, adding extreme pressure to their relationship. Despite their difficulties, the couple remain strong and supportive towards one another.

The public have reacted well to the YouTube uploads, with many sharing personal experiences and kind words of encouragement.

Hannah has also since written a related article for ‘The Times’ and hopes to continue raising awareness of infertility issues.

Speaking about the decision to document their final IVF attempt, Lewis explains “..there’s no guarantee of a happy result. We wanted to film our journey in real time to reveal that hidden side of IVF and the demands of it.”

As news reporters, the couple are naturals in front of the camera during their emotional and informative uploads. We strongly recommend that you check them out for yourself.

Here’s the first episode


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