Woman, 51, becomes mother using her PPI payout

When a 51-year-old UK woman received a large PPI payout, she knew exactly what she wanted to spend it on – realising her dream of becoming a mother

Alison John says her refund made her dreams come true after she went through fertility treatment, with husband Phillip, 58, and little Megan was born when she was 50.

The couple had previously tried to for 16 years to have a child, but had all but given up on their dream.

Alison told The Sun: “We have been married for 26 years now. But not having a child was hard.

“We considered IVF until we discovered the cost of it and then it was impossible.”

The couple had all but given up, but then a chance meeting with their bank’s financial advisor changed all that

Alison was awarded £14,000 and was originally going to go on holiday, but she felt that it was really their last chance to have a child.

After long discussions the couple decided to approach medical professionals, who were quick to point out the dangers.

But undeterred the couple forged ahead and began IVF treatment

The first two cycles failed and the third ended in a miscarriage.

Devastated, the couple decided to try a fourth IVF cycle in secret and miraculously Alison fell pregnant.

She was watched closely throughout the nine months and had an emergency C-section.

Megan is now just over a year old and even though Alison does get some comments about whether she is the Grandmother, she tends to ignore them.

The couple are considering a sibling for Megan.

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