How you can support the #ivfstrongertogether campaign

Wear the pineapple pin!!

By wearing the pineapple pin, you are bringing awareness to what is still to this day a subject spoken about in whispers. The badge isn’t about labelling yourself as someone who has been though IVF; it is about showing how common infertility is, and offering comfort in numbers.

1 in 6 people globally struggle with infertility. If you can imagine, on that packed carriage of let’s say 100 people, approximately 16 of those people will be struggling. Add to that, their partners and family or perhaps a friend whom they have shared their struggle with. That figure now jumps to roughly 50. That’s half the carriage who understand how emotionally draining infertility really is. Now do you feel alone?

The pin is for everyone who has experienced infertility, whether first hand, or by supporting someone. The pin says ‘I understand’ ‘I support you’. ‘I am here for you’. ‘We are stronger together’. Imagine getting on that packed train and seeing a sea of pineapple pins. Imagine catching someone’s eye and knowing that they get what you are going through. Imagine the strength that would give you…

Post your pics

Once you have bought your pin, take a picture of you wearing it and post it on your chosen social media platform.


Show your support to the campaign by uploading a picture of yourself on your Instagram page, wearing your pin with the hashtag #ivfstrongertogether.


Head over to your twitter page to upload your photos of a moment you felt stronger together with someone, with the hashtag #ivfstrongertogether.


We are here for you.

We are stronger together.


Pineapple pin badges are available for sale in our Shop and although we are sold out on Amazon currently, more will be arriving very soon!  




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