Life is Sharing – introducing Freeze and Share

Hi, I’m Dr. Aimee. You might know me as The Egg Whisperer, or as the host of Egg Freezing parties, through which I help women to become more aware of their fertility in a comfortable and fun setting.

As a Harvard-educated board certified OBGYN, specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, I’ve spent the last 10 years helping thousands of patients from around the world start their families.

Fertility issues are extremely common and yet we don’t talk about them enough. Americans spend more time planning a vacation than they do a family!

My latest approach to fertility empowerment is a new program called Freeze and Share. The program’s goal is to give young women who can’t afford egg freezing the opportunity to freeze their eggs for free in exchange for donating half the number retrieved to a future family.

You likely know that egg freezing can be pricey and logistically challenging. My goal as a fertility doctor is to make my patients’ family planning experience easier, because ultimately, I want to decrease the number of stories of people who have struggled with infertility.

I want to empower people before they become my patients by making them more aware of their personal fertility levels and options. 

Freeze and Share creates a new kind of fertility sharing economy – there are  two distinct populations out there right now who really need each other.

You have millennials who are super open and willing to share and they want to freeze their eggs, but they may not necessarily be able to afford it. And you have families who want children, but cannot conceive without the help of an egg donor. Not only do these families want to be recipients of donor eggs, but also they are also open to a relationship with their donors.

The same is true for the egg donors–they want to be part of the gift they have given. Time and time again, I see these two populations coming together to solve a problem and staying together as a new kind of modern family.

Take the story of young egg-freezer Jacy and egg-recipient Jenesis. When the timing was right for Jenesis and her husband to start their family, they needed the help of an egg donor, and I knew Jacy should be the one! She said, “This is something I can do to give people the best thing that they can have.” Both are moms now and best friends. And Jenesis was actually Jacy’s bridesmaid!

Every day, I am grateful to help successful baby-making stories come true.

A 2017 study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that 40% of women of reproductive age—25 million women in total—have limited or no access to assisted reproductive technology (ART) clinics, so my mission is make care more accessible, starting with empowering people with knowledge about their fertility.

The bottom line: I want to stop hearing, “If I had known 10 years ago that my egg reserves were running low, I would have done things differently.”

Understanding your fertility starting in your 20s is the first step to achieving a healthy pregnancy and creating a plan so you can have the number of children that you want to have without running into fertility challenges.

A great place to start is to tune into my a new talk show and podcast, The Egg Whisperer Show.

The show, which evolved out of my website,, is the first of its kind — a live talk show in which I invite you to interact with me and ask questions about all topics that are related to fertility health, including egg freezing and other advanced reproductive technologies. is a place where you can test your fertility levels and schedule a fertility consultation in order to have informed insight into your family planning.

If you decide the next step is to freeze her eggs, you can now look into Freeze and Share.

If you are facing fertility challenges or feel overwhelmed about the timing of planning your family, learning as much as you can about your situation is the best place to start.  It’s never too late to be proactive about procreation.

Dr Aimee explains more about her fantastic new show, The Egg Whisperer, in this vlog for IVF babble readers.



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