#ivfstrongertogether – raising awareness and breaking the silence

With 1 in 6 people worldwide experiencing fertility issues and with over 6.5 million babies born since Louise Brown’s birth in 1978, we want to break any taboo that surrounds this and to encourage people to talk openly about something that is a global issue.

In 2019 IVF is now an option for a diverse group of people. There are those who have had issues conceiving and with diagnosis IVF has been the suggested route to take. There are those who are not ready to settle down but want to preserve their fertility with companies increasingly now offering egg freezing to their female employees as part of their employment contract. Same sex couples who want to become parents, ‘older’ women who have not met their forever partner but still want children, those with serious illnesses who want to preserve their fertility for the future, those who have genetic issues which can be eradicated through IVF and there are those who have decided to end their fertility journey.

There are increasingly thousands of people worldwide feeling isolated, intimidated and scared of what the future holds and unaware how many people are experiencing fertility issues.

To know there is a network of others going through the same thing, it will make the journey less lonely and painful.

We also feel a huge importance to empower the young to realize what their fertility options can be before it’s too late.

Let’s break the silence together! #ivfstrongertogether

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