Fertility Show: Take the first step to face infertility

The premier fertility event in Europe gathers the best specialists in Reproductive Medicine.

Starting a fertility treatment is a hard decision. First we must accept that we have a problem and that we cannot solve it without the help of a fertility specialist. Furthermore, it is not just any problem, we are dealing with infertility and therefore also with all the prejudices around it.

Sometimes we find a couple that is taking longer than a year to conceive a baby. This must be verbalised and addressed between them, and afterwards they must decide how to face this obstacle that is getting in their way to achieve something as common and seemingly easy as forming a family.

Once the need to seek help has been accepted the time comes to look for the best specialists.

There is a wide range available, as well as there are diverse medical issues that may be interfering with fulfilling our dream of having a healthy baby. Herein lies the importance of choosing the best hands.

On other occasions, it is not about a newly found problem, but about a given patient’s circumstances (lacking eggs or sperm, suffering from a genetic condition or having endured oncological processes, among other issues); cases in which in order to have children, help from Reproductive Medicine is required.

In the Fertility Show you will find the widest and most complete range of options to find the path that suits each situation the best.

It will take place during the weekend from the 4th to the 5th of November in London Olympia Exhibition Centre.

It is the most significant patient gathering in Europe in which a great number of specialists and clinics from all over the world meet and present to the visitors the different ways to form a family.

This event could not be missed by a top Assisted Reproduction centre such as IVF Spain, whose philosophy is built around personalised attention to patients.

A part of the fertility consultant team will travel to London with the Medical Director Dr. Natalia Szlarb and Dr. Alicia Álvarez, fertility specialised gynaecologist, in representation of the international clinic, which will give patients the possibility of requesting in advance a free mini consultation with a specialist at the Fertility Show.

More than 10 years of experience and countless cases treated by the medical and biological team and the fertility consultants that make up the whole IVF Spain Team, vouch for this centre’s specialisation in the most complex cases and its ability to offer solutions to problems such as spontaneous miscarriage, implantation failure and genetic or immunological issues. The use of pioneering techniques and cutting edge technology in their fertility treatments allows IVF Spain’s success rates to classify as among the highest in Europe.

Why undergoing a fertility treatment in Spain?

As opposed to other countries, from 1988 Spain has one of the most advanced Assisted Reproduction laws in the continent. Thanks to that, egg donation is a commonplace treatment in Spanish clinics. This is possible thanks to the guarantee of anonymity between the patients and the donors, who selflessly contribute so that other women may have a healthy baby.

IVF Spain counts on an ample variety of donors of different ethnic origins since, as stated by the Spanish Law of Assisted Reproduction, the donor selection must be done according to a criterion of maximum phenotypic similarity; that is to say, that the donor and the receptor must share physical traits.

Let us not forget that many international patients decide to choose IVF Spain as their destination to start the path to parenthood because, apart from having access to the best medical options, they will be able to enjoy the warm Spanish weather and relax at the seaside while they live through one of the most important decisions in their lives.


To get in touch with IVF Spain to organise to meet with one of IVF Spain’s experts at the Fertility Show London, click here

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