Female couples longing for motherhood

Forming a family and becoming mothers is the dream of many women, but the path to achieving that dream is never easy; it is full of unfulfilled expectations, frustrated wishes and the agonising wait of that moment that never seems to come.

That situation added to the social clichés and taboos around parenthood in homosexual couples can end up generating an important source of stress in both the patient and her partner.

In most European countries laws about homosexual marriage and all the rights that it entails are restrictive and not very integrative.

Luckily the law in Spain preserves and protects women’s rights as for reproduction, independently from her sexual condition. The Assisted Reproduction law operating in our country establishes a woman’s right to create her own family freely and responsibly, including the possibility of her resorting to assisted reproduction treatments, without taking into account her civil state or sexual orientation.

The available options for same sex couples that wish to become parents differ depending on the gender.

If the couple are men they can only opt for adoption or via surrogate (which currently is not allowed in Spain).

On the contrary, if the couple are women, their chances increase since there are more available options for them such as artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation (both using a donor sperm sample), double donation (using donated eggs and sperm), the use of embryos donated by other couples and the most requested treatment by lesbian couples, the “ROPA” method.

Thanks to the latest advances in the field of assisted reproduction, nowadays it is possible for both women to be involved in the beautiful journey to motherhood.

IVF Spain is firmly committed to offering our patients the latest medical advances and the most exquisite treatment. That is why we have been one of the first clinics to implement treatment for lesbian couples; including both egg and sperm donations and the reciprocal IVF.

We are aware that initiating this journey is particularly difficult for many lesbian couples, especially in other European countries.

That is why we focus all our effort, our professionality and our advanced technology in helping to make this process easier for all those lesbian women that dream about becoming mothers and having a healthy baby.

This ROPA method, also known as “shared motherhood”, is a treatment especially created for lesbian couples, consisting of an in vitro fertilisation shared between both women, that is to say, one of the women donates the egg while the other becomes pregnant with the resulting embryo.

One of the two women would have to undergo stimulation and the corresponding ovarian puncture for the oocyte (egg) extraction. Following this, the in vitro fertilisation would be performed in the laboratory with a donor sperm sample. Then the obtained embryo would be transferred to the other woman to become pregnant and give birth to the baby.

Thanks to this technique both women can actively participate in bringing their baby to the world, with both being the baby’s biological mothers – one as the genetic mother and the other as the gestational mother.

All lesbian couples that come to IVF Spain to undergo an assisted reproduction treatment based on the ROPA method, will benefit from the thorough process we follow to select the sperm donors, and from our most advanced technology.

Furthermore, thanks to our specialisation both in the most common infertility cases, and in the most complex, patients will have the guarantee of knowing that any factor that may have an impact on their fertility will be monitored and kept under control before, during and after the embryo transfer.

Many of these women’s journeys to motherhood are long and complicated, that is why they have our empathy and respect for the great effort they make to make their dream come true.

After this long process, we ensure we offer the maximum personal care when configuring their treatments, and we put a special effort in the individual care of each patient so that they benefit from a relaxed environment, as it’s so very important to decrease stress levels for the treatment to succeed.

The result of the combined work of our medical professionals, our patient assistants and our cutting edge technology, makes it possible for us to offer women and lesbian couples the highest success rates in each treatment.

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