Being Gabrielle Union

American actress, Gabrielle Union, 44, has revealed details of the heartbreak she has suffered as she has battled her way through three years of IVF, only to undergo a number of miscarriages.

The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star talks about her journey in her new book – We’re Going to Need More Wine – reports PEOPLE. “I have had eight or nine miscarriages,” she writes, continuing: “For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant. I’ve either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.”

In another article, PEOPLE reports on Union’s husband, NBA player, Dwyane Wade’s public response to his wife’s revelation. He tweeted: “My wife is one strong individual!!!”

The celebrity couple married in August 2014 and Union soon got into the swing of looking after three boys: two of Wade’s sons, Zaire, 15, and Zion, 10, and his nephew, Dahveon Morris, 16. Wade’s third son, Xavier, 3, lives with his mother – who was conceived with another woman when Union and Wade had broken up.

Union says that she had never wanted children. “Then I became a stepmom, and there was no place I’d rather be than with them.”

Talking about how sensitive the subject is, the star says how many people with fertility issues just say ‘no’ if asked if they want children because it’s ‘easier’ than talking about what is actually going on.

She says of those asking the question: “People mean so well, but they have no idea the harm or frustration it can cause.”

With millions of women around the world suffering similarly, it is not surprising, that just as her husband did, many have sent tweets showing their support.

LT‏ @Tawnzzzz replied by saying: “It’s so important. So many women have experienced the same issues but it’s not a topic that is talked about publicly. Thank you for sharing.”

Another tweet came from Roberta Fichtner‏ @RobertaFichtner: “I went through 12 yrs of infertility.  Five pregnancies. Loss of twins at 6 months. We have a daughter 27 with CP, she’s healthy and happy.  The others were miscarriages.  Just wasn’t ready to quit.”

We, at IVF babble, agree with your husband, Gabrielle. You are one strong, remarkable woman.

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