£80,000, 18 miscarriages and finally a baby for woman, 48

In the UK, a Wiltshire woman has given birth to a much-longed for child after spending £18,000 and suffering 18 miscarriages

Lauren Warneford, 48, who lives in Swindon with her husband, Mark ,55, had been trying for a baby for 16 years  and had all but given up after being told she had a condition that meant ‘killer cells’  would destroy any embryo that they conceived.

In 2010, the couple decided, with heavy heart, to give up their dream.

But five years later Lauren said she felt she had to try one more time and again embarked on the journey to motherhood, but this time they used a donor embryo.

The couple travelled to the Czech Republic in 2015 and began treatment

Incredibly, the treatment worked and William was born at 37 weeks via C-section.

The couple spent £80,000 on treatment but said they now feel complete.

She told the Independent: “We’re a perfect family now and I finally feel complete.”


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