Come and join us ‘for a cuppa’ at the Fertility Show this weekend

It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were launching our online magazine at the Fertility Show in London!

The year has flown past so very quickly! Along the way we have met so many incredible people, from brave couples going through fertility treatment, to phenomenal doctors and nurses.

We have learned about the importance of nutrition and wellbeing from brilliant practioners and have adopted some top professionals in the fertility world for our board of experts, all of who are always happy to answer your queries.

IVFbabble is achieving everything we set out to achieve …. to help those finding it difficult to conceive.

The feedback we have received has made us see, more than ever, that there is a real need for trusted online information, but presented in a way that doesn’t scare you from the moment you log in.

As we both know, when you are trying to conceive, a bubble starts to close around you…all you can think about is getting pregnant, but the last thing you want to hear about are friends who have conceived naturally, or beautiful celebrities having baby after baby.

It becomes very easy to alienate yourself and to become wrapped up in a state of loneliness and sadness.

We hope that the informative articles we bring you each week, advice from leading experts, along with a small slice of celebrity (only celebs who are opening up about their own fertility and IVF journeys!) helps you feel less alone in your fight to become parents.

So, a year on and we will be at the Fertility Show again.

This time, as well as looking forward to chatting to the incredible men and women looking for answers, we will be launching our beautiful campaign #ivfstrongertogether. The aim of the campaign is to help men and women who may be struggling with the solitude of infertility realise that infertility is more common than they think and that they are not alone. We hope to do this by encouraging everyone who has been affected by infertility to wear a pineapple enamel pin; so, this could be you, as someone who is struggling to conceive, or your partner. It is also for your friend, work colleague or your parents all of whom have supported you.

To wear the pineapple pin, is to bring awareness to a subject spoken about largely in whispers.

The badge isn’t to label yourself as someone who is going through treatment, but to show how common infertility is, and to offer comfort in numbers.

1 in 6 people globally struggle with infertility

On an Underground carriage of 100 people, that’s approximately 16 who will be struggling. Add to that, their partners and family, or perhaps a friend with whom they have shared their struggle. That figure now jumps closer to 50. That’s half the carriage who understands how emotionally draining infertility really is. Now do you feel alone?

The pin is for everyone who has experienced infertility, be it first hand or in a supporting role.

The pin says ‘I understand’ ‘I support you’. ‘I am here for you’. ‘We are stronger together’. Imagine getting on that packed train and seeing a host of pineapple pins. Imagine the strength that could give you.

So, we will be selling these lovely pins at the Fertility Show, after which you can then buy them on Amazon.

Profits from the pins will go to the incredible charity Fertility Network. We must also say a huge thank you to Pregnacare, as with the first 500 pins purchased, you will receive a 7 day sample pack of their fantastic Pregnacare His/Hers Conception supplements.

If you are coming along to the Fertility Show in London, please do stop by and say hello.

We will also have a beautiful hamper of goodies to give away as a prize each day. Our  friends at Babystart have stocked the hamper with supplements for both men and women along with the all important ovulation kit. We also have goodies from and a month’s worth of fantastic Pregnacare supplements, along with an array of other lovely products for you to indulge yourself in.

As well as the hampers to give away, the fantastic Diane Chandler, author of Moondance, will be doing a book signing at 2.30 pm.

Do come along and have a cup of tea whilst she signs books, she is an amazing and inspiring woman; you will love her. Izzy Judd, author of Dare to Dream will also be popping along to have a chat.

We have some of our experts joining us if you would like to have a chat with a medical professional.

The leading consultant from Embryolab will be with us if you would like to have a one on one and clear up any unanswered queries. Dr Raef Faris from the Lister Fertility Clinic will also join us along with our friends from Vios Fertility (US) and IVF Spain. So please do come in and meet the team (stand D12, London Olympia).

As always, we are here for you.

We have been through the rollercoaster of fertility treatment and can relate to much of what you may be going through right now. Stop by and ask us anything, or just stop by for a cuddle.

Sometimes it’s nice just to be with someone who has been there.

As always, sending you huge love.

Sara & Tracey x


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