Salman Khan, Bollywood superstar considering surrogacy

Rohan Sharma wrote an article in PagalParrot recently, reporting that Bollywood icon, Salman Khan, is set to turn to surrogacy in the next 2-3 years, in order to fulfil his wish of becoming a father.

His mother, Salma Khan, is said to want him to have a child and the actor certainly seems keen on the idea. Though, he is not sold on the idea of having a family in the traditional way. He feels that because he isn’t the marrying kind, it would cause “complications”.

In a statement to The Times of India, the Tubelight star said: “I do want to have a child, but with a child, the mother comes. And when the mother comes, big complications happen as I am not husband material. Although I am the father type, it will be unfair for anyone to think that ‘I will change him’. I will not change.”

The revelation would mean that the superstar would join a whole host of other Bollywood celebrities, all of whom have opted to use surrogacy as a route to fulfil their dreams of starting or completing their family.

In July 2017, actor Tusshar Kapoor became a single father, and Bollywood filmmaker, Karan Johar became a single parent to twins – a son and a daughter – in February 2017.

Khan went on to show his sensitive side by adding his thoughts on the surrogacy process

“I sometimes feel it will be the right route for me to have a baby via a surrogate, but then realise how close we are to our mothers, so when the kid grows up he or she will ask about his mum. Then will he or she think that ‘my father for his own selfish reasons has kept me without a mother’.”

Sensitivity is an invaluable characteristic for any parent. When a child is brought into this world through love and a longing to have them – whether they are loved by one parent, two, or more – being born into a secure home and having a happy start in life is paramount.



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