Let’s talk about sperm

Let’s talk about sperm! Well… that’s not something I would normally start a conversation with, but normal is out the window when you are doing IVF, right?

I mean, I normally wouldn’t take my close off every other day so a stranger could examine my “lady parts” and count my internal “eggs in the making” but this is IVF folks so our normal has to be redefined.

Ladies, you know what I mean. Men, this is about you. Fertility sisters, you get to take a mini break on this one. Yay! For once the MEN have the homework assignment.  Unless your man isn’t going to read this, in which case your break is over. Time to take some notes for him.

The sperm is half of the equation to conceiving, so it wouldn’t be right to leave out their little swimmers now would it?

For healthy sperm, here are a few things you need to know.

Vitamin A is important!

If you are deficient in vitamin A gentlemen, your sperm will be sluggish and your fertility is decreased.  You can eat things like red peppers, oats, carrots, dried apricots, sweet potatoes, spinach and broccoli to boost your vitamin A.

Vitamin C helps your sperm viability and motility (found in strawberries, asparagus, fruit, yellow veggies).

Just imagine that your sperm need to swim like Michael Phelps and this is the magical potion to help make that happen.

Vitamin C, E and B 12 happen to be great anti-oxidants.

So what?  Well, this helps your sperm’s production, and motility which fights the harmful radicals in this world we call home.

Not having enough zinc can cause mean your sperm counts are lowering as we speak. Yikes! Natural sources of the mineral zinc are in eggs, turkey,  oysters, sea food, pumpkin seeds, beef,  oats, lamb, yogurt, nuts and barley.

Fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) are important for men.

These awesome guys are found in walnuts, chia seeds, calamari oil and fish like anchovies, sardines and salmon.  When buying salmon, try to get wild Alaskan caught salmon.

Folic acid and zinc combined increases sperm counts.

Guys, eat your leafy veggies…the really green ones, whole grains, fruits, avocados and beans!

Lycopene is next on the list.

It’s a bright red carotene found in tomatoes, tomato sauce, watermelons and carrots. This also increases sperm count.

If you aren’t sure if you are getting enough of the essential vitamins, a multi vitamin PLUS eating healthy is a good place to start. Want my (not a doctor) suggestion? Get your hubby on the Fertilaid sperm vitamins can be purchased here .

In addition to those my husband also takes the “Its Vital complete nutrition pack”.  (Our subscribers get 40% off the retail price when you shop for 90 days. I also take these because in my opinion they are way better than pre-natals. See my YouTube channel for more on prenatals comparing to these vitamins. Watch my rant here

Water is important too!

When you are dehydrated there is a higher chance of having low semen volume! Cheers to water… put down the beer.

Exercise regularly

So you have great blood flow down under, and meditation or yoga is helpful in relieving stress.

Avoid canned foods, especially those with BPA in the cans.

This is a dangerous chemical that disrupts hormone balancing amongst many things. I could do a whole blog on BPA but I wont bore you with that. Instead, do me a favor and go through your cupboards and recycle anything you eat or drink with that doesn’t say BPA FREE on it (cups, plates, bowls especially!)

Avoid alcohol, saturated fats, highly processed meats, drugs, smoking… these are pretty obvious.

What might not be obvious though is HEAT!

If you are taking hot baths, sitting in jacuzzis, saunas, wearing boxers that aren’t cotton, wearing lots of layers and getting really hot…. you are cooking your swimmers! Not good!


Alrighty folks! That’s all for now! Til’ next time – connect with me on social

Alrighty folks! That’s all for now! Til’ next time- connect with me on social:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MichelleWAW

Instragram: @wrapsandwealth

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