FITNESS and the positive impact it has

We all know that exercise is great for us – and that doesn’t change when you’re trying to conceive.

Getting into shape when you’re trying for a baby can make a big difference.

A gentle exercise regime will help prepare your body for any fertility treatment and may even improve your baby making chances.

Keeping active has numerous benefits for your health, heart and stress levels and of course helps you stay at a healthy weight.

A good fitness level is important for your partner’s fertility, too.

Studies have found that high stress levels can have an impact on sperm count, ovulation and your sex life – and it can be hard to get in the mood for baby-making sex or fertility treatment when you’re completely stressed out.

Regular exercise has a positive impact in preparation for conception and pregnancy

‘Keeping physically active helps women lose weight during the pre-conceptual period, particularly important when it comes to obesity, which can adversely affect fertility,’ says pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert Dr Joanna Helcke.

‘Regular exercise will reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, build strength and stamina – needed for the rigours of pregnancy – and generally boost energy levels,’ Joanna continues.

If you’re not big into exercise, don’t scare yourself into thinking that you need to do a gruelling workout every single day. It’s best to start easy and slowly build yourself up to a more moderate pace.

‘Think about building up your fitness levels through a walking programme,’ Joanna suggests.

‘Gradually increase your distance and pace on a weekly basis. Stick to moderate levels of exercise, avoiding high intensity workouts as these may adversely affect your chances of conceiving.’

Our experts are here to help guide you with fitness regime which suits you and your lifestyle.


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