Co-parenting: When three is not a crowd

Charlie Condou wrote for the Guardian about his unusual family arrangement, he explains that he wanted to do so for a few reasons.

The family set-up that he talks about includes his two children, Georgia and Hal and his co-parents Catherine and Cam; as he puts it: “Two dads, one mum – one family”.

In this thought-provoking article, Charlie says he wanted “to be a role model,” continuing that growing up as “a young gay man who knew, always, that having kids was important to [him], there was no one to look to for a positive example of gay family life.”

The writer notes how, for years, he was fearful that he would never become a parent and that it made coming out and his journey to self-acceptance so much more difficult than was necessary.

He wanted to write to show other LGBT people who also wanted a family of their own that becoming a parent was possible, even if the path wasn’t as straightforward as for straight people.

With “alternative families” thankfully becoming more prevalent, Charlie talks of how high profile LGBT people having babies have played a part in getting the message out there. Naturally, he is proud of the part he has played too – and rightly so.

The next reason Charlie gives for writing his column is the amount of planning involved.

He felt that it was really important to share this vital piece of information to prepare individuals who are considering undertaking such a huge commitment.

He says that he also wanted to address anyone who had suggested families like his were not natural or had been disrespectful about them; and he wanted to highlight how daily life is really quite “ordinary”.

Heartened by the fact that he has had no negative comments left beneath any of his articles, he says he is: “hugely optimistic about the world [his] children are growing up into”.

You can find out more by following Charlie Condou on Twitter @charliecondou.

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