Professor Geeta Nargund and IVF babble, a shared passion for educating young people in fertility matters

We support Professor Geeta Nargund wholeheartedly on the importance of educating young people about fertility and can only urge you to watch her fascinating talk on this very subject.

Professor Nargund is a fertility consultant and authority on the subject. She holds the positions of Medical Director for CREATE Fertility and Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Lead Consultant for Reproductive Medicine services at St George’s Hospital in London.

In this video, Professor Nargund explains how and why she has dedicated her career to informing young people, male and female, on fertility related affairs.

Giving examples of patients she has worked with, she describes how Sarah, a young woman who ‘had it all’, realising her dreams, a fantastic career, travelling the world – but had her dreams for her future shattered. Sarah suddenly discovered that she couldn’t have children due to early menopause.

On finding out this news, Professor Nargund asked Sarah when her mother had gone through the menopause. Still shocked, and in disbelief, Sarah called her mother only to find out that she too had gone through the menopause at an early age.

Geeta’s point is that had Sarah known this pivotal information when she was younger, she may have been able to do something about it.

Sarah could have frozen her eggs, for instance,  had she have been informed earlier in life. This could have given her the option of parenthood with her own eggs, an option that was no longer available to her now she gone into menopause.

The other examples Professor Nargund discusses equally highlight the need for more information to be given to young people.

IVF babble wholly support Professor Nargund’s work to ensure that future generations are educated and supported in this most important of life’s journeys. It is so important to empower the young, giving them choices and knowledge to make informed decisions for their future.

Professor Nargund’s knowledge on the subject is extensive. Here, she talks of how women don’t make any eggs after they are born and gives the staggering number of how many eggs are lost before they are born. And we’ll let her fill you in on the percentage of eggs lost by the time they reach the age of 37!

Take a look for yourself. It’s quite an eye-opener. The chances are, once you’ve seen her speak, you’ll be as supportive as we are about her call for education in schools.

Her vision of moving from the treatment of fertility towards the prevention of infertility is something we, at IVF babble, are wholeheartedly advocates of.


Please join us in supporting Professor Nargund’s fantastic work to campaign for fertility education for the young. For more information on this, or if you would like to get in touch with Professor Nargund, email us on


Professor Geeta Nargund and IVF babble, a shared passion for educating young people in fertility matters

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