Woman has IVF while going through cancer treatment

A woman who was diagnosed with a brain tumour aged 30 has become the first woman to have IVF during treatment for cancer

Mary Mullins has had successful IVF treatment and now has 11 embryos that she and her partner, James Davoren, can use in the hope to start a family. Twelve months on and Mary has also now been declared cancer free too.

She told the Evening Standard newspaper that she took the decision to have fertility treatment after being told the chemotherapy she needed post surgery could have an affect on her ability to have children.

The customer services manager was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer after going to A&E with severe headaches.

She was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in July 2016 and was operated on just a week later

She said: “I’d prepared for the cancer and was comforted by the fact they could treat me. But when they told me it might not be possible to have children, I just broke down. I could accept the cancer but not that.”

Miss Mullins was guest of honour at the Wormwood Scrubs Cancer Research Race for Life 5km run this month.


To find out how you can get involved in Cancer Research Race for Life visit this page


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