UK fertility regulator, HFEA, want your views on add-on IVF treatments

UK fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA) has joined forces with leading UK fertility charity, Fertility Network UK, to conduct a survey on additional treatments offered by fertility clinics in the UK

If during your fertility treatment you were offered additions to your treatment to increase the success rate, such as endometrial scratch or embryo glue, the HFEA and Fertility Network UK want to talk to you.

The organisations have said these additional treatments often called ‘add ons’, include drugs for reproductive immunology, laboratory-based interventions such as embryo glue or incubators with time-lapse imaging, or surgical methods such as endometrial scratching.

Some of these add ons are not fully proven to increase your chance of getting pregnant, but clinics normally charge extra for them

The HFEA and FNUK are working together to make sure that patients get access to high quality, effective fertility treatment.

A spokeswoman for the organisations said: “We also want patients to be able to take part in research to improve fertility treatment, if they want to. We want to find out what patients think about these treatment add ons, how they should be offered by clinics, what information patients need and how much they should expect to pay.”

To take part in the survey click here 

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