Embryo Donors – Your FAQs Answered

After happily completing your family you may consider donating any unused embryos. Some woman donate an embryo in the hope of helping someone start a family of their own, while others donate purely for the purpose of medical research.

With many different points to think about, we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How many embryos should I donate?

If donating your embryos for medical research then there is no restriction. Alternatively, if donating to help others become parents then usually a minimum of three embryos are required. This is mainly due to the fairly low success rate and the risk during the thaw process.

How do I find the right recipient?

The clinic you attend will have a long list of people who could benefit from your donated embryo. You can make special requests regarding aspects such as the recipient’s religion.

Does it matter that my embryos have been frozen for quite a while?

Embryos can be frozen for a maximum of ten years. In most cases you will be contacted annually to discuss embryos in storage.

Are there any age restrictions when donating an embryo?

In most cases a donated embryo will have been produced using the egg of a female aged 18-35 and sperm from a male aged 18-40.

Do I need to seek permission from the sperm donor?

When the sperm donor provided the sample they will have entered into an agreement. Regardless of whether the donor is a partner or a stranger, this agreement will indicate if you require their consent. The clinic staff can provide you with the information you need.

I used an egg donor so do I need their consent?

The egg donor will have previously agreed to some terms and conditions which will determine whether or not you need permission from them to donate the embryo. Staff at the clinic will be able to find this out for you.

Can I still donate my embryos if the egg/sperm donor is deceased?

The consent given at the time of providing eggs/sperm may or may not have placed restrictions on future embryo donation, so it’s important to request this information from the clinic.

Will I receive compensation for donating my embryos?

Each time you attend an appointment you will be paid £35 to help cover any expenses. You may also be entitled to the reimbursement of storage fees.


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