Tina Malone to be a mum again – at 54

Shameless actress Tina Malone has revealed she plans to have a third child via a surrogate

The 54-year-old star, who lost 11 stone and had IVF at 50 to have her daughter, Flame, revealed the news this week.

And she defiantly told reporters that she did not care what other people thought of her decision and that she was doing it for husband, Paul and Flame.

Tina said in a video on the Mirror website: “I am doing this for Flame and for my husband, not just myself. I am healthy, of sound mind, solvent – and a bloody brilliant mother.”

The mother-of-two received IVF treatment at a Cyprus clinic three years ago to conceive Flame but has now decided to use a surrogate for this pregnancy as husband, Paul is worried about the health risk of her carrying a third child.


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