Preparing for Natural IVF, the financial edition!

As if the emotional beating of infertility isn’t bad enough, our bank accounts certainly take a beating too. In my last few blogs I shared with you how I am personally getting my mind, body, soul and relationship prepared for Natural IVF.

I promised to share what we are doing to prepare our wallets too. I wanted this blog to be well rounded, you know- the same way we like our bank accounts! So, I did some research and asked lots of fellow fertility sisters how they are coming up with the funds to make it happen. I will share their answers, along with what I am personally doing. I will also share the research I did so you don’t have to spend hours doing it. Let’s be honest, we all have enough on our plate as it is.

Can I ask you a favor? When you are done reading this post will you share it? You would be surprised how many people are looking for these answers. Deal? Ok deal!

IVF costs add up quickly! We had been trying for about 3.5 years before we reached the IVF step. We tried over 30 things, none of which were covered by insurance. When you have reached the point that you are ready to start IVF, most people are already close to tapped out. IVF costs add up faster than you can imagine. Just one cycle of conventional IVF can range from $10-$25k. Some couples need 3 or more cycles to conceive, so take that number and start multiplying it. Natural IVF and minimal IVF is considerably cheaper because the medication costs are lower if not eliminated.  The center I am going to (Life IVF Center in Irvine, CA) charges less than $6,000 for one natural IVF cycle (additional expenses may vary person to person as they have a customized approach).

When I asked my fellow fertility sisters how they are coming up with the funds to make it happen, they offered a variety of answers. Some sold their homes, or downsized. Some borrowed the money from family, and started crowdfunding campaigns. Others took out 401k loans, looked for interest free loans, home equity loans, and held garage sales. Many women switched jobs, took on second jobs, worked overtime, used credit cards, or tax returns. Some held online auctions, used inheritance money, did garage sales. Some made homemade items to sell (things like soaps, blankets, IVF apparel). That one touched my heart so deeply I am probably going to buy a few of their items myself!

While researching this topic, I felt so proud of the women around me who are willing to do whatever it takes to have a baby. So many sacrifices are being made because we all know that the baby will be worth it all in the end.

In researching additional options, I was surprised to find several grants and scholarships that are specifically geared towards infertility. Here are 8 that I found: (No-one mentioned in this blog paid or asked to be in the blog. None of them sponsored this blog in anyway, I simply searched until I found what looked like reliable resources)

Another way many are paying for IVF is by going out of the country, but I have no personal experience on that so I will encourage you to consider researching this option if it suits you. My doctor’s office had people from all over the world at their seminar, so I can see how this option does come in handy for many.

There are also financing options. I found these 2 online: – their loans are specific to IVF, payments are divided 24-72 months with an APR of 3.9% to 24.99% which would leave monthly payments ranging from $254 to $755 according to their website. They do not have a pre-payment penalty and you can also use the funds towards medications. – they provide loan approvals for fertility within 24 hours and funds are paid within 2 business days. There is no prepayment penalty but their site did not mention their rates or monthly payments.

Another option the helps to pay for IVF (or other fertility treatments) is using a flexible-spending account (FSA) or health savings plan (HSA), if you have one. FSAs are an employee benefit that some companies offer. HSAs might be an option for you if you signed up for a high deductible insurance plan.

Many IVF centers offer a shared risk or IVF refund program which helps you recoup your costs if the treatments are not successful for you.

The last 2 options are near and dear to my heart so excuse any biases I may have. I wanted to share all my non-biased options first, so only continue to read on if you want my personal answers to the “How can you afford all this?” question.

Our Natural IVF treatment is free, yes, I said free. We attended a seminar at Life Ivf Center in Irvine, CA. They do one free fertility seminar every month. They are very generous, and give one couple a FREE natural IVF prize every single month! We weren’t lucky enough to win at the seminar we attended, but we were lucky enough to win a few months later when they chose 3 more couples to give them “Hope for Christmas”.  I have referred several people to their center to attend the seminar, and a few others have won as well! I don’t know if other places do this, but I am so grateful that Dr Yelian does! According to my calculations, that’s 15 people at least last year alone that got free natural IVF! He is one of California’s top Natural IVF doctors, and one of the highest rated in the USA!

I can’t do this blog without saying I am super grateful for the support of our family. My “MawMaw (she’s not just my Grandma, she’s my mom, my best friend etc), wants us to have a baby as bad as we want to and has been very generous in helping us to say the least.

For all other expenses, I am fortunate to have a work from home business that allows us to earn residual income.

Yes, its multi-level marketing, no it’s not a pyramid scheme (those are illegal) and no it’s not a scam. If my Company isn’t the right match for you, you will be happy to know there are lots of options/companies out there, that pay you residual income. Ok now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

The company is called, “It Works” and as distributors we earn cash, commissions and bonuses. I had never done anything like this before, but after 4 years in this business I can promise you it’s the real deal.

The good news? You can do this too. You don’t have a boss, you are your own boss.

You get to work your own hours, from home or your phone or wherever you have wi-fi. You don’t have to buy a ton of inventory, knock on people’s doors or do home parties. I train my team for free, and we meet up (on an online meeting webinar) weekly to ensure everyone is doing well. The bad news? The business doesn’t work unless you do. If you put zero effort in to it, you will get zero dollars from it. It is NOT a get rich quick deal, it will take time and effort. If you want more info, please connect with me via social media or my website and I will be happy to answer your questions. This company has changed my life, the money is helping significantly and the friends that I have made are worth more than I can describe. I plan on this income providing my husband and I the funding to be a stay home family. I don’t want to have put all this effort, time, money and pain into having a baby to then miss out on so much while I am away at work.

No matter how you choose to pay for your fertility journey, remember – the baby will be totally worth every penny.

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