IVF patients to see embryos growing via app

IVF patients in Australia will now be able to see photos and videos of their precious embryos as they develop in the lab through an app called Grow by Genea

Designed by Australian fertility group Genea, Grow is only available at Genea fertility clinics nationally and Hollywood Fertility Centre in Western Australia.

The app gives IVF patients 24/7 access to photos and videos of their embryos during the five days they spend growing in an incubator in the embryology lab.

Through Grow by Genea, IVF patients will be able to download these images and videos and share them with family and friends

Genea Medical Director Associate Professor Mark Bowman said: “After being highly involved in the early part of an IVF cycle with blood tests and ultrasounds, patients can feel a little detached once their eggs and sperm are collected and developing as embryos for five days in the lab.

“Giving them access to photos and videos of their developing embryos through the Grow by Genea app will help them feel more connected and involved in the process. It will also help them understand what’s happening with their embryos as the embryologist describes the development to them – seeing is believing.”

The Grow by Genea app is made possible by the introduction of Genea-designed Geri incubators into the lab

Geri captures time lapse footage of every single embryo that develops in Genea’s labs. On Days one, three, five and six of development, patients will receive access to photos as well as time lapse footage, giving them the chance to be closer than ever to this important phase and share the experience with loved ones.

Grow by Genea is currently in trial phase and from mid-May will be available for free to all Genea and Hollywood Fertility Centre patients who are having an IVF or ICSI cycle.


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