Dutch women demand DNA test after reports surface of sperm bank boss using ‘own samples’

Families in the Netherlands who were given donor sperm during the IVF process have demanded DNA tests, after it was suggested the owner of the sperm bank they used boasted of using his own samples.

Dutch media is reporting that Jan Karbaat, the owner of the Bijdorp Clinic, in Rotterdam, who died in April aged 89, would allegedly boast of using his own samples to impregnate IVF patients, instead of the donor they had been matched with.

It is believed that 23 women have gone to court to demand the test and authorities are reported to have seized a toothbrush and nasal trimmer from Mr Karbaat’s family home.

The woman told the court that they felt ‘raped’ by Karbaat. They said they began to see physical similarities between the children and Karbaat, who ran the sperm bank in the 1980s and 1990s, and felt the need to question that.

It is claimed the clinic closed down in 2009 after authorities allegedly found irregularities in how it was being run

Mr Karbaat’s lawyer, Lisette de Haan, asked the court to respect Mr Karbaat’s right to privacy and said that there was ‘not the slightest evidence that Mr Karbaat was the donor’.

A ruling on whether DNA tests will be carried out will be decided by the court on June 2.

It is being claimed that Mr Karbaat admiited to fathering about 60 children and as very proud of the fact, and that in his will he asked that no DNA tests be permitted after his death.


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