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We met the lovely Bruce Thomsen, the CEO of Coast Science at the Fertility Show in Manchester back in March. We were fascinated to learn that the Coast Science fertility supplements were created as a direct result of Bruce’s own fertility struggles.

It is my great pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Bruce Thomsen, the CEO and Founder of Coast Science®. If you are visiting IVFbabble, it may be because you and/or family members are concerned about fertility and your ability to start or increase your family. I understand the frustrations and difficulties you are experiencing, as I have gone through similar issues.

My desire to add to my own family, together with my background in science and medicine, led to the genesis of Coast Science and developing an ever-evolving group of products designed to help others who are struggling with fertility.

My story began in early 1999, when we were eager to add to our family. However, after three months of attempting to conceive, we were not successful. Our modest goal of a two-child family was not being realized, and this was deeply troubling for me and my wife.

As I was working in the medical field, I had a lot of resources. I started researching every possible cause, scientific study, and natural remedy for infertility.

The “natural” is where my endeavour became ambitious, because I was firm in my desire to not turn to pharmaceutical drugs. I was concerned about the side effects and uncertainty with conventional male fertility treatments. I was already working in female fertility and some of the most brilliant minds in that area were eschewing prescriptions and concluding that natural remedies could be just as effective.

Not finding any suitable, all-natural supplements for men, however, I took one more ambitious step and created my own, which was the first iteration of our Male Fertility Supplement (“MFS”).

I started taking MFS in June of 1999, and we had our second son 12 months later. Since that time, the Coast Science® product line has expanded and I am pleased that Coast Science has become recognized as the worldwide leader in fertility supplements for both men and women while maintaining our mission to help you and your family lead healthy lives.

Coast Science offer the following high quality, scientifically designed fertility supplements. Click here for more information:

Male Fertility Supplement – MFSg5/The Male Prenatal®: Developed to enhance sperm quality and performance to increase your reproductive potential.

Fertile One® PC 600 PreConception formula: A preconception formulation designed to optimize female reproductive health, improve egg and embryo quality and increase your chance of getting pregnant.

Fertile One® PCOS 600 PreConception formula: Designed to offer comprehensive nutritional support for the PCOS patient preparing to conceive naturally or through fertility treatments.


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