Hawaii LGBT couple seek equal access to fertility treatment

A gay couple in Hawaii are seeking the same rights as a heterosexual couple after spending more than $20,000 to become parents

Sean Smith and his husband decided to have a child through a surrogate mother, but they did not realise at the time that if they were straight, they may have saved themselves quite a lot of money.

Mr Smith is now lobbying, along with other members of the Hawaii LGBT community, for equal access to the financial support a married, hetereosexual couple enjoy under the law of the state.

The couple told ABC News that they are pushing for legislation which would require insurance firms to cover the cost of IVF for everyone.

If it is given the go-ahead it would make Hawaii the first state to require the coverage for surrogates, which would help same-sex couples realise their dream of becoming parents for slightly less of the cost.

Mr Smith said: “We had to borrow money, re-mortgage and I’m sure there are people who don’t even explore the option because the expenses are too great.”


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