Woman who has child in IVF-mix up can claim compensation, court rules

A woman from Singapore has been told she is entitled to compensation after a sperm mix-up at the fertility clinic she used for IVF treatment with her husband

The woman, who was impregnated with a stranger’s sperm has been told she can claim about a third of the cost of bringing up the child, The Strait Times is reporting.

The woman and her husband had been receiving fertility treatment at the Thomson Fertility Clinic in 2010, where she’s had her eggs extracted and the clinic should have fertilised them with her husband’s sperm.

But due to a mix-up, a stranger’s sperm was used, which resulted in the birth of a healthy baby girl

The woman began legal proceedings in 2012 to sue the clinic’s parent company. The court was disallowed by the High Court, but the woman appealed.

It was just last week when the Court of Appeal upheld the decision by the High Court, but did rule that the woman had experienced a loss of ‘genetic affinity’ and was entitled to about 30 per cent costs of raising the child.

The court said it hoped the two sides would come to an amicable settlement soon so that closure could be achieved for both sides.


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