The Good, The Dad and the Ugly

The Good, The Dad and the Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast as all great ideas, was conceived around a pub table.

Its four creators, producers Tom Sabbadini & Benji Elimelech and co-hosts Seth Singh Jennings & Jamie Tucker, are all fathers or fathers-to-be and they wanted to create an outlet to talk openly, intimately and humorously about all the amazing, terrifying and life-changing experiences they were going through as they embarked onto one of life’s great journeys to fatherhood.

They were also driven by what they identified as a female-skewed universe. Mothercare? Mumsnet? Where was all the dad stuff?! Plus blokes are typically not that great at talking about stuff and sharing experiences so they set out to create a safe and fun environment to facilitate the sharing of thoughts, fears and observations about 21st century fatherhood, the good and the ugly sides of it.

So in December 2016 they sat down and gave birth to their first episode.

Host Seth Singh Jennings was feeling the heat as his girlfriend Alice was exactly one week off her due date so Producer Tom was tasked with keeping an eye on Seth’s phone for any significant developments. Meanwhile, co-host Jamie Tucker was still in the relative calm waters of the first trimester of his fiancée Nat’s pregnancy. Their guest was writer, director and dad Ben Ockrent who shared some crucial pearls of wisdom with the boys such as how to give the ultimate perineum massage and what to pack in the all-important hospital bag (don’t bother with the battery operated candles apparently).

By Episode 2, Seth’s daughter Eliza had safely entered the world and the boys were joined by Senior Creative and dad Will Clark Smith to muse on the wonder of childbirth.

In Episode 3, as well as continuing to hear about Seth’s journey into fatherhood and Jamie’s imminent one, Investment Banker and IVF-dad Gerry Boujo was invited onto the pod to offer an insight into the highs and lows of the journey that he and his wife had been on.

The guys at Good Dad Ugly feel that particularly amongst men there is a stigma around talking openly about IVF and infertility

For this reason they were particularly thrilled with Episode 3 where Gerry was willing to talk so candidly about his experience whilst also being able to laugh about some of the funny moments such as when he feared he had contaminated his sperm with deodorant!

As well as the monthly episodes they are are also creating additional weekly content, which they have called Baby Bites, so that their growing base of listeners don’t have to wait a whole month for new content to enjoy. Examples of Baby Bites so far include Jamie’s ‘right-of-passage’ trip to John Lewis to try out buggies and Seth’s girlfriend Alice’s ‘Right of Reply’ where she pulled Seth up on his male-centric inaccuracies in the retelling of their birth story.

The pod has already featured on the front page of ITunes and has received glowing reviews in particular for filling a void in the market. More than just a podcast, they hope they will come to be seen as a source for anecdotal advice and a support network for fathers around the world. And whilst their key demographic of listeners is naturally dads, mums have been tuning in by the bucketload too and in fact anyone with a passing interest in parenthood will find something to relate to in their irreverent chats.

Episode 4 featuring Jim Hickey, director of MTV’s Dirty Sanchez and father of twins, is due out on 10 April.

ITunes users can subscribe to the podcast here whilst Android users can listen here.

You can be kept up-to-date on their movements by following the guys on Twitter and Facebook, @GoodDadUgly on both, or email them at

Keep tuned for more too for more fertility and IVF chat with The Good, The Dad and The Ugly on IVF babble in the coming weeks.

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