Embryolab Fertility Clinic “Your dream to become a parent is our driving force”

Alexia Chatziparasidou, M.Sc, Sr. Clinical Embryologist, Lab Director at Embryolab

Is it true that the lab plays a key role for the success rates of an IVF unit?

Undoubtedly, the embryology lab plays a critical role for the outcome a couple may have. However, medical team as well is very important for a successful outcome! I would rather say that IVF is mostly a team work where everybody’s goal is to deliver high quality service, with high success rates being the ultimate goal!

What makes Embryolab a top destination?

IVF is much more than a medical expertise; it’s about unconditional care and devotion. We bend over each individual separately making their problem our personal issue, creating tailor made solutions, offering affordable prices, always challenging ourselves to go one step further in helping them realise their dream. Their success is our strongest motivation.

Nikos Christoforidis, MD, MRCOG, DFFP, Reproductive Gynaecologist, Clinical Director at Embryolab

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD-PGS). When should we consider it?

This method is applied to couples who are carriers of a certain genetic disease, such as thalassemia or cystic fibrosis, as well as to couples who have increased chances in producing embryos with chromosome abnormalities, as in cases of couples with a medical history of repeated miscarriages or advanced maternal age. Embryolab has significantly long experience in the application of the latest pre-implantation genetic diagnosis techniques and has offered the possibility of fulfilling a life’s dream to many couples.

Why do you think people choose Greece over other countries?

Greece offers highly successful fertility treatments within a favorable legislation frame, in combination with the excellent service and hospitality only the Greeks are known for! These unique features make Greece one of the most preferred fertility destinations in the world.

Michalis Kyriakidis, MD, MSc,  Reproductive Gynaecologist

How do you select the best therapeutic scheme for each couple?

The cornerstone of our approach is the thorough investigation prior treatment. We follow a holistic approach where all important parameters are assessed and optimised. This way, we are able to identify the unique characteristics of each couple and design a therapeutic scheme that best meets their needs. All of our couples are considered unique and are treated as such!

Couples from the UK are visiting Embryolab. What makes Embryolab unique?

Couples and women coming from the UK are often surprised being able to do all pre treatment tests in one day, avoiding the hassle of having to go through waiting periods and bureaucracy procedures. The low cost as well as the option to combine treatment and vacations in Greece make Embryolab an attractive destination. Whatever the reason, everybody visiting Embryolab, appreciates the warm personal care and devotion, offered widely by its entire team.


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