Canadian clinic uses InvoCell to incubate embryos inside women

A Canadian fertility clinic that was launched in 2016 is using a unique device to incubate embryos

Effortless IVF, which is based in Calgary, uses a new device called the InvoCell, in which the harvested egg and sperm is placed in the InvoCell cylinder, which is then incubated inside the woman’s vagina.

The warmth of the human body acts as a natural incubator and after three to five days, the embryo is then removed and inserted into the uterus.

The clinic, which launched in October 2016, said it was a much more cost effective method than using a hugely expensive incubator for both the clinic and patients.

The process is only available to anyone requiring IVF, and cannot be used if a patient needs ICSI or the male fertility factor is the issue.

The clinic state on its website that the results of using the InvoCell are similar to that of traditional IVF

It states: “In our study in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics we compared vaginal culture to traditional IVF incubation and we found similar success rates for both.”

The device is currently only available in the US, Canada, Colombia and India and was created by INVO BioScience.


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