Leicester couple launch IVF fundraiser

A couple from Leicester have launched an online fundraising campaign to have IVF treatment after only being offered one cycle through their local NHS trust.

Leigh and Stacey Oswin told BBC Leicester they were ‘disgusted’ that they had only received one round of IVF.

The couple have been trying for a baby for the past ten years and the one cycle they had on the NHS failed.

They hope to raise £5,000 to fund a private round of IVF

Mr Oswin said the couple had been left ‘emotionally drained’ by the first cycle failing.

Mrs Oswin said: “It’s heartbreaking, disgusting and upsetting that other people in the country get three IVF cycles.”

Fertility Network UK has criticised the ‘postcode lottery’ for NHS fertility services in England.

More than 20 clinical commissioning groups are consulting to reduce the number of IVF cycles they offer couples with fertility issues, a subject that was recently debated by backbench MPs in the House of Commons.

The charity’s chief executive, Susan Seenan, said: “Denying couples the recommended treatment for their medical condition because of where they live is cruel and unethical, and is devastating for all those affected.”

She said couples should “not be forced” to resort to funding their own fertility treatment, such as crowdfunding, if eligible for IVF treatment.


Have you had to resort to fundraising for IVF? Get in touch and tell us your story, email claire@ivfbabble.com.

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