Starting your treatment – Introduction to the stages of IVF

So you have had all the tests to find out that you cannot conceive naturally and it’s been decided that IVF is the best course of action for you.

Now you’ll been given your IVF protocol, a fancy title for a treatment plan. There are several different IVF protocols, but the two most common are called a ‘long protocol’ or a ‘short protocol’. Your doctor will decide which protocol best suits you.

There are many fertility drugs available that your doctor may recommend to you.

It can be overwhelming trying to understand the finer detail of each one, but your doctor will tell you how they work . Write down in your diary what you need to take and when to take it, in particular the hCG trigger that we will explain later.

Each treatment plan is different, but we have put together a general guide to help you understand the different stages of IVF.

Your plan will be based on your age, medical history, cause of infertility and response to previous fertility treatments and IVF cycles (if relevant).



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