Rosie Bray & Richard Mackney, authors and IVF-ers

Authors of ‘Get a Life: His & Hers Survival Guide to IVF

Richard Mackney, a journalist and broadcaster, and Rosie Bray, a TV producer, started trying to conceive after five years of being together. Two and a half years and countless prenatal vitamins and ovulation kits later, there hadn’t been even a phantom pregnancy. So began their adventure into IVF, via blood tests, sperm tests, injections and probes, becoming involuntary experts on embryology through failure, despair, persistence and success.

After four years, three different clinics, two positive pregnancy tests and one miscarriage, they finally had a successful pregnancy.

They decided to write the best-selling book ‘Get a Life’. It is the perfect down-to-earth guide for anyone thinking of embarking on fertility treatment.

It’s two books in one; a book of advice for women and a survival guide for men, each chapter mirrored but with very different experiences and advice. IVF is terrifying, awful and extraordinary in equal measures for both partners. ‘Get a Life’ shares Richard and Rosie’s ride on the fertility rollercoaster, bringing you the funny, emotional, and physical sides of IVF.

It is an invaluable guide from both perspectives on how to get through the process in one piece. Rosie and Richard share their experiences and advice with IVF babble.

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If you have any questions for Rosie and/or Richard, they would love to hear from you. All you need to do is send an email to adding their names into the subject box.



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