IVF babble co-founders Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page tell their IVF stories

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IVF is tough. We know, we have both experienced it first hand on more than one occasion

We know the emotional pain of failing to conceive and we know the physical pain that treatment can sometimes cause.

We understand the feelings that go hand in hand with infertility; the isolation, the frustration, and the sadness.


We can relate to the hours spent trawling through medical sites searching for information on IVF, only to be left feeling totally overwhelmed and confused.

However, we also know the incredible feeling of being told that your IVF has finally worked. We can at last say, with insurmountable joy, that the journey was worth it, as we are both proud mummies to twin girls!!

Looking back, there are things we would liked to have done differently during
our treatment

We would have reached out to others going through IVF. We would have asked our doctors more questions. We would have had a better understanding of why we were failing to conceive. We would have liked to understand what we could have done to enhance every chance of success, but there just wasn’t anywhere to turn for help other than confusing forum based information.

Our experiences identified an absolute need for a trusted, current and globally recognized IVF community. It was with this hindsight that we decided to create IVF babble, the kind of website that we wish we had had during our IVF journeys. It is a fresh and current website with access to experts, the latest information and articles reflecting the changing world we live in.

We aim to make IVF babble the ultimate support centre for anyone embarking on the IVF journey

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